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Prenup Pros PLLC law firm can only provide consultations to residents of Virginia, Florida, New Jersey, or New York, OR parties who will be residing on one of those states at the time of the marriage.  Prenup Pros will be offering services in other states in the near future.

All consultations will be provided by telephone at the scheduled time, or at another time that is mutually convenient.  Prenup Pros reserves the right to re-schedule any consultation for any reason.  We will only do so if necessary—we want to speak with you!

Initial consultations are scheduled for 15 0r 30 minutes, depending on the kind.

No attorney-client relationship will be formed before, during, or as a result of a consultation with Prenup Pros, but the entire discussion is confidential.  No one becomes a client of Prenup Pros until the attorney-client relationship is formally established by entering into a separate Terms of Service Agreement with Prenup Pros.

Accordingly, no legal advice of any kind will be provided during the initial consultation with Prenup Pros’ legal staff.  Information will be provided and we are happy to answer your questions, but we will not provide any legal advice upon which you (or any party) can rely until such time as you enter into a Terms of Service Agreement with Prenup Pros.

There is no obligation to hire Prenup Pros to prepare a prenuptial agreement following an initial consultation.  You are free to hire any law firm of your choosing.

Prenup Pros must consent in advance to consultations with any party that is not a party to an impending marriage (e.g. relatives, friends, co-workers).

Prenup Pros reserves the right to refuse providing an initial consultation, follow up consultation, or any legal services to any party or parties for any reason whatsoever, to the greatest extent allowed by applicable laws.  Prenup Pros does not discriminate, or intend to discriminate, against anyone on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or operations.  However, Prenup Pros reserves the right to refuse providing an initial consultation to any party for any reason whatsoever, to avoid and combat (without limitation) conflicts of interest, spoofing, phishing, competitor research, and bad acts.

By scheduling a consultation with Prenup Pros, you are representing that you have read and understand the foregoing terms and conditions, and are agreeing to be legally bound to these terms. 

Prenup Pros has NO AFFILIATION or business relationship of any kind with Hello Prenup, LLC. HELLO PRENUP® is a registered trademark of Hello Prenup, LLC.

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