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We are marital agreement attorneys.  That means Prenup Pros® only offers prenuptial agreement and postnuptial agreement counseling and legal services.

Our attorneys provide affordable marital agreement services to clients who live or are moving to or are getting married in:


Florida   |    New York   |   New Jersey   |   Virginia


Prenup Pros also serves Nevada as a licensed, bonded prenup agreement preparation firm that works with couples who are getting married or live in Nevada. We draft prenuptial agreements under the Nevada UPAA in collaboration with both parties, customized with the terms desired by both of them.

Prenup Services
Prenup Pros Services


At Prenup Pros, we believe that every couple planning to marry should at least consider entering into a premarital agreement.  The true purpose of every prenuptial agreement is to clearly state what essential marital rights each spouse has in the event of a divorce (excluding rights relating to kids).

A well-drafted and legally enforceable prenuptial agreement can eliminate conflict in a divorce because most of the rights and decisions that cause couples to fight are already decided.  If prepared correctly, a premarital agreement should increase the chance that a divorcing couple can avoid a trial and keep things friendly.


We know that the prospect of entering into a prenuptial agreement is a serious subject for marrying couples, so every professional at Prenup Pros® is a Certified Premarital Counselor who can answer the premarital counseling and legal questions that arise when couples consider entering into a marriage prenup. 

​We use our experience and knowledge of the law to help our clients figure out if a premarital agreement is right for them.  The counselors at Prenup Pros® are committed to the pursuit of excellence in the preparation of premarital agreements and total client satisfaction.


People often ask: Do I need a lawyer for a prenup?  We cannot answer that question for you, but would you know how to write your own wedding insurance policy if you tried?  Probably not.  Legal contracts can be complicated and challenging to do the right way.


We can say with confidence that the prenups drafted by our prenuptial attorneys can provide additional security for the life of your marriage.  Your prenuptial agreement lawyer will guide you through the process and craft a customized premarital agreement that will work for you and your spouse.  Our flat-fee package is the perfect option for couples who have a limited budget.

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PRENUP COST - $1,395.00


  • PRENUP PLANNING CONSULTATION.  Your attorney will schedule a call with you to explore the terms to include in your prenup that will best fit your needs, and answer any questions you may have.  This conversation is a critical part of the process because your input is what allows us to draft a custom agreement for your specific situation.

  • FAST TURNAROUND. Your draft will be completed and sent to you for review within a few days after we get all of the information we need to prepare your customized premarital agreement. Need it faster?


  • PRENUP REVIEW CONSULTATION.  After you and your partner have had the opportunity to read and discuss your prenuptial agreement, you will schedule a follow-up call with your attorney.  During this call your attorney will answer any questions, make sure you understand the document, and discuss any changes that may be needed.


  • PRIVACY.  The information you share and everything you discuss with your attorney is protected by the attorney-client privilege.

  • A CUSTOMIZED, READY-TO-SIGN PRENUP.  Your attorney will make any changes needed to finalize your prenuptial agreement based on the follow-up call, and send it to you for signature.

Alimony and prenups


A premarital agreement can be drafted to provide for a minimum amount of alimony to be paid to either spouse in the event of a divorce, in whatever amount and for how long a marrying couple agrees.  When a couple can agree on alimony terms in their prenuptial agreement, they can get married with peace of mind and confidence because they made a fair deal in advance—just in case things don’t go as planned.


Hello Prenup

What you Get

Legally Valid


Malpractice Insurance


Cost of Attorney Review

Total Cost

(with Legal Review)

A Do-It-Yourself Prenup Form


You Complete Hours of Forms

$1,599 - $2,599+


$1,000 - $2,000+

Prenup Pros

Attorney-Drafted Prenup


Talk Directly with your Lawyer



Prenup Pros® is a premarital agreement law firm that offers clients comprehensive legal support above and beyond our popular Flat-Fee Prenuptial Agreement Package.


Our Flat-Fee Prenuptial Agreement Package does not include negotiation with your partner’s attorney, because there is simply no way to tell how many hours and drafts it might take during the course of negotiating a final version.


If your partner has hired a lawyer to prepare, review and/or negotiate your prenup, then you will most likely need to engage Prenup Pros to provide some services on an hourly, or “blended” fee basis.


If your partner’s attorney prepared a draft prenuptial agreement, you probably want reliable legal advice about its terms.  If you have a prenuptial agreement already prepared, the attorneys at Prenup Pros can offer expertise in reviewing the contract and providing you feedback and suggestions, or just answering your questions and helping you understand the document.

In a nutshell, the cost varies.  We generally provide support for prenups that are not drafted by our firm on an hourly basis at extremely competitive rates, but we try to offer flat-fee quotes to clients whenever possible.

​​No two prenuptial contracts are exactly alike.  Many factors can affect the total cost of attorney fees incurred in getting a suitable premarital agreement, including the complexity of the terms desired by the parties, the level of conflict between the parties, the (un)reasonableness of the opposing attorney, and the individual needs of each couple.

Prenup Pros® is committed to providing World-class prenuptial agreement legal services at the absolute best rates we can offer.



Did your wedding date arrive before you had a chance to get a prenup? If so, you can still get a post-nuptial agreement, which is a marital contract a couple signs after getting married.  Postnuptial agreements can offer the same kinds of terms and protections that a prenuptial agreement can provide, if drafted properly.

Postnuptial Agreements
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Will your partner be represented by independent legal counsel?  If so, our prenuptial agreement attorneys can help protect your interests when negotiating the terms of your prenup with your partner's lawyer, without breaking the bank. Contact Prenup Pros to schedule a consultation, and see how our attorneys can help you with your marital agreement.

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Prenuptial Agreements
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Prenuptial Agreements
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Prenuptial Agreements
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Prenuptial Agreements
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^All services performed are subject to the terms and conditions of our engagement agreement. Prenup Pros reserves the right to be engaged on an hourly fee basis, or to decline engagement altogether.

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