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Schedule a free informational phone consultation with a Prenup Pros attorney to see whether a prenuptial agreement may be right for you. 

All calls are strictly confidential and can last up to 30 minutes.

There is no obligation whatsoever to hire Prenup Pros following the initial call.  Whether you want to enter into a prenup and what law firm you want to hire to prepare it, are decisions that are yours and yours alone.




If you decide to hire Prenup Pros to prepare your prenuptial agreement, we will get additional information from you and prepare your custom prenuptial agreement and send it to you for review.  We make every effort to turn around your first draft quickly because we want to keep our clients happy.

PLEASE NOTE:  Currently the Prenup Pros law firm only serves clients who live, are getting married in, or are planning to move to Virginia, Florida, New York and New Jersey.  We will be serving clients in other states in the near future. For a prenuptial agreement in Nevada by Prenup Pros Document Preparation, CLICK HERE.


You review the prenup with your fiancé and discuss the terms and any changes needed. 

Be diligent here, because signing a prenuptial agreement too close to your wedding date can potentially compromise the enforceability of your prenup.


When you are ready, schedule a follow up call to review your prenup with the attorney who prepared it.

During this call, you can ask questions about the terms and discuss any changes you might want.  We want to make sure that both parties understand what the document says, and that it says what you want it to say.

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Your attorney will make any necessary changes and send you the final prenuptial agreement, customized to your needs and ready for signing.  You will then get it signed and notarized and store it in a safe place.

Then, it's time to get married with confidence and forget about the legal stuff.  Congratulations for choosing to Love Smarter!


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